Energize CT Heat Loan

Capital for Change

If you are a residential customer of Eversource or The United Illuminating Company (UI), you may be eligible for a low-interest loan to purchase and install an energy efficient heating system.


To apply online please go to CapitalForChangeApp.org

For additional information please visit CapitalForChange.org


0.99% APR and up to $15,000 Financing for new Energy Efficiency Heating Systems

APR* Financing for New Energy Efficiency Heating Equipment Upgrades or Conversions for the life of the loan

For Residential Heating System Upgrades

On-Bill Payments

On-Bill Payments

This loan is repaid through your electric bill and will display the original loan amount less loan payments. If the property is sold, the unpaid loan may be paid off in full or transferred to the new owner.

Loan Terms Up to 10 Years

Loan Terms Up to 10 Years

Low monthly payments on loan tems from 3 to 10 years that will result in a monthly payment equal to or less than your projectd monthly energy savings

Finance Up To 90%

Finance Up To 90%

Of the heating system equipment and installation depending on projected energy savings — more energy savings equal a lower down payment

What Improvements Qualify?

Your monthly payment and down payment required will be based on the projected energy savings of the proposed heating system. Your annual energy savings will be calculated in accordance with the Connecticut Program Savings Document (PSD) 14th Edition for 2019 Program Year dated 11/01/2018 for the list of qualified measures below.

Energy Star Rated and other Qualifying Improvements

Needs to meet or exceed the specifications listed below as verified by 1) AHRI certificate or 2) Manufacturer product specification documentation

  • Oil Boilers
    • AFUE > 87.00%
  • Natural Gas or Propane Boiler
    • AFUE > 90.00%
  • Natural Gas or Propane Furnace
    • AFUE > 95.00%
  • Natural Gas Steam Boiler
    • AFUE > 82.00%
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
    • SEER > 16.00, EER > 12.50, HSPF > 10 for Split Systems
    • SEER > 16.00, EER > 12.00, HSPF > 10 for Packaged Systems
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
    • Closed Loop Water to Air EER > 17.1, COP > 3.6
    • Closed Loop Water to Water EER > 16.1, COP > 3.1
    • Direct Expansion Refrigerant EER > 16, COP > 3.6
  • AHRI Rated Ductless Heating and Cooling System of Matched Assembly*
    • Single Indoor Unit SEER > 20.0, EER > 12.5, HSPF > 10
    • Multiple Indoor Unit SEER > 18.0, EER > 12.5, HSPF > 9
  • Oil Furnaces
    • AFUE > 85.00%



*Multi-zone indoor unit ductless systems with only 1 outdoor condenser unit are not subject to the 12 EER requirement.

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